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  • Property Of A Lady

    « Thomas Faerber: A Conversation About The Collection »

    An interview by Capucine Juncker

    «The collection is eclectic — says Thomas Faerber. I purchase what I like. It can be antique or modern.» ...

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  • Property Of A Lady

    « Thomas Faerber:

    A Life For Jewelry »

    An interview by Capucine Juncker

    «The House stands out—says Thomas Faerber, by a taste for the emblematic jewels of an era; those of noble origin, created by the most remarkable craftsmen; pieces that, if they could speak, would tell a thousand stories.» ...

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  • Faerber donated a contemporary diamond ring to Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels online auction

    To help to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic, Faerber donated to Christie's International SA a one-of-a-kind cushion-shaped diamond of 2.03 carats set in a handcrafted blackened platinum contemporary mount signed by Faerber Collection. The lot, offered without reserve, was presented during the Geneva Magnificent Jewels online auction (November 2020). Sale proceeds had been allocated to the Fondation Privée des Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, whose mission is to finance pivotal projects that will advance medical knowledge, improve patient comfort and quality of care, and benefit all patients.

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  • Faerber Collection:
    co-founder of GemGenève

    In 2018, Thomas Faerber launched GemGenève with co-founder Ronny Totah. Faerber says, "We felt that the moment was ripe to create a high-quality, small-scale jewelry fair, with a friendly, almost family atmosphere. So we decided to take the plunge alongside various colleagues, friends and dealers."

  • Faerber Collection
    supports emerging talents

    Impressed by the high caliber of her work and committed to developing the next generation of young talent, Faerber Collection helped Camille Combremont, a student at the Haute Ecole d’Art et Design, Geneva (HEAD) to develop and launch her first collection, which will be exhibited at the Faerber Collection booth D8E7.

  • Berlin Iron: a favourite
    of the Faerber Collection

    The first jewelry in "Berlin iron" dates from 1813, when Princess Marianne asked women to participate in the war effort against the invader Napoleon by donating their gold jewelry. In exchange, they were given jewelry in "Berlin iron', sometimes engraved with the words "Gold gab ich für Eisen" (I gave gold in exchange for iron) or "Eingetauscht zum Wohle des Vaterlandes" (Exchanged for the welfare of the Fatherland). These pieces quickly became synonymous with patriotic devotion, and were worn with immense pride. The fashion continued after the war, and even spread throughout Europe. Production declined from the 1840s onwards and had dried up by the end of the 19th century.

  • CLES Magazine
    « The tribulations of a piece of jewelry »

    Ida Faerber: "These bracelets are incredibly refined and appealing. They also have an extraordinary history. We decided to include them in our collection so that museums could make the most of them in exhibitions."