A selection of treasures bought and sold by Faerber Collection

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  • Cartier Paris 1962
    Black pearl and coral bracelet

    A one-of-a-kind bracelet in platinum containing 80 perfectly-matched fine black and grey pearls. Diamond rounds inserted between the four red Mediterranean coral beads add sparkling glints.

  • The Gemstone Box

    A group of vintage and modern solitaires made from stones of exceptional quality: diamonds, emeralds, yellow diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

  • A pair of Golconda diamonds

    Rare pairing of two antique-cut pear-shaped diamonds, each weighing over 50 carats. They come from the Golconda mines in Hyderabad, India.

  • Marcus for Marcus & Co,
    Art Deco jabot pin

    This platinum jabot pin (c. 1920) is a remarkable piece from the Art Deco period. At each end, an engraved emerald cabochon is set in a shield-shaped diamond plaque. It can be transformed into a pair of clips.

  • 1970’s Chaumet brooch

    This spectacular brooch is in "or sauvage" (rough gold), a grainy gold typical of the 1970s. The center features a 50-carat rectangular aquamarine. The whole piece is illuminated with lapis lazuli and diamond components. It was created by Gisèle Crevier.

  • Cameo of Augustus

    This antique agate cameo with a portrait of the Emperor Augustus is surrounded by diamonds that set off the magnificent carving.

  • Exceptional Art Nouveau brooch,
    by Henri Vever

    This devant de corsage (1905) is the work of Henri Vever, a famous French Art Nouveau jewelry designer. Its first owner was the first director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. In a letter, the jeweler explains that irregular Mississippi pearls were chosen to create the most realistic chrysanthemum blooms possible.

  • A gem:
    a cross-shaped brooch

    The center of this cross-shaped brooch from around 1900 contains a Colombian emerald of exceptional quality. It is surrounded by four smaller emeralds of similar quality.

  • Magnificent mid-18th century
    Russian bracelet

    The brooch contains a very fine octagonal Ceylon natural sapphire weighing nearly 60 carats, surrounded by antique-cut diamonds. Made by Russian jewelers, the brooch could have been a gift from Catherine the Great to her last favorite, Platon Alexandrovich Zubov. The 18 carat gold bangle is set with ivy motifs in rose-cut diamonds.

  • Superb emerald and diamond set
    by François-Regnault Nitot

    Created in 1810 for the marriage of Empress Marie-Louise to the Emperor Napoleon, this set consists of 1,138 diamonds and 36 emeralds of exceptional quality.  It was a gift to the Empress for her personal use. It was sold by The Faerber Collection to the Louvre Museum and can be admired today in the Galerie d'Apollon.

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